14 day Accountability Challenge


A situation in which someone is responsible for things that happen and can give a satisfactory reason for them.

How often do you hear yourself saying, I wish I had more TIME or I wish I could just complete and tick off items from my To Do List?

I hear it regularly… 

If this sounds like you then you need to take the 14 day Accountability Challenge with me….

STARTS 14th FEBRUARY 2018 through to 28th FEBRUARY 2018

Join my secret Facebook Group, receive daily accountability emails, ask questions and watch my Facebook live posts which will give you more details on how to achieve your accountability.  Post what you are wishing you could start, continue and complete on the first day of the Facebook Group so that I can provide you with more personalised hand-holding to help you achieve your completed task/s.


Not quite??  What’s holding you back?  TIME….  INABILITY TO COMMIT….  JUST PROCRASTICATION….

Yes to one or more of these items above?  Then, book below to be held accountable to Get Started, Keep Going and Tick off Complete.


Still not convinced? Remember that everyone thinks they can just keep something on their To Do List and it will eventually get done!  Yes, we all do, but now is the time to TICK, TICK and TICK again – cross the long awaiting items off your To Do List over the 14 day Accountability Challenge.

STARTS 14th FEBRUARY 2018 through to 28th FEBRUARY 2018

So, what types of things may be sitting around on your Business Desk?

  • Could be your filing pile, which continually gets bigger not smaller!
  • Perhaps it is your invoicing – imagine how your cashflow could look better than it currently does!
  • What about chasing invoices you have already sent out – your bank account will start looking the way it should (in credit!).
  • What about sorting your business cards, there could be lots of potential clients in your box of cards.
  • Setting up your marketing strategy so you can easily follow a plan and calendar of posts.
  • Email management – are you losing emails because you are not managing your emails effectively.
  • Setting your client database / CRM – to easily follow up with your clients.
  • Creating templates for your business so it is easy to send out letters / emails / invoices etc.

These are just some of the items which may be sitting on your To Do List – there are many many more…

What do you want to cross of your list?

SO, are you ready to BE ACCOUNTABLE and CROSS of the Ongoing List of To Do Items???  Let me help you from 14th to 28th February.

To be a part of this wonderful Challenge, the cost is only £20 per person.  £20.00 to cross of so many of the overdue items on your list.  You can also use this for your Personal Life…  Yes,, this challenge can help you in your personal life too.

Imagine if you could:

  • organise to have your oven cleaned – long overdue!
  • look into and change the tariffs for your energy bills!
  • book your optician appointment and go!
  • take a day off and book a massage and time for you.
  • contact the dentist and book your children in for a checkup – go!
  • spring clean your home.
  • take your car for a service.
  • check the tyre pressure on your car….

STARTS 14th FEBRUARY 2018 through to 28th FEBRUARY 2018

The list if also endless in your personal life.  So, even if this challenge is not for you in your business – book NOW for accountability in your personal life.

What are you waiting for?



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