Here are my top A-Z tips to help your business start running smoothly and more efficiently. I have gained my knowledge on this from the many years experience I have had not only looking after my own business but helping other businesses across the globe.

So here we go…

A – Ask for help instead of procrastinating.
B – Be prepared to be accountable to make your business work.
C – Consistency in how you run your business is the key to being successful.
D – Do be present in your business, know your competition.
E – Engage with clients and receive testimonials.
F – Find someone to assist you with the items you fear or don’t know how to do.
G – Give information free of charge to show your expertise.
H – Happy staff mean happy clients!

I – Interact on a social media platform which is right for you.
J – Join networking groups to suit you and your budget and time.
K – Keep connecting with your clients using your database.
L – Look for new technology to increase your knowhow.
M – Maintain continuity throughout your business.
N – Need to say ‘no’ – its okay.
O – Open your arms to knowledge.
P – Place a copy of your vision so you can see it each morning! Read it!
Q – Quietly working on your own doesn’t tell people what you do! Tell us!

R – Remain passionate about what you do and why you do it.
S – Simplify your business systems and procedures.
T – Timetables of your time are key – create and use systemically!
U – Understand what your clients need from you.
V – Vision, goals and milestones help your business grow – do you have them?
W – Where are your clients? Be where they are.
X – X-ray your business with expert assistance – are you doing as well you could be?
Y – You are your business – that is who people do business with!
Z – Zoom into understanding your business from the inside out.


Business Health Care Check-Ups!

I hope these 26 tips (A-Z) help you in your business… I am happy to expand on any of these with you to help you get on track with your business. Remember, whatever stage you are at in your business be present in your business and understand that you cannot to do it all yourself.. No-one can.

Hazel, Learn Grow Transform

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