It is very difficult for small business when you see competitors getting the business you felt should be yours!  But have you watched your competitors, do you see something different in what they do?

Unless your business is completely by Word of Mouth, then you need to ensure that your marketing is working for you and is consistent.

That doesn’t just mean that you sit on your computer 24/7 and keep posting every minute of the day to your social media platforms!  YES, you may laugh to yourself but it does happen.  However, the business doesn’t just automatically follow this continual posting.

Consistency means a lot more than continual posting.

You need to have a plan both online and offline.

Marketing works when you reach your target market and they feel you are offering them something, they feel that you are trustworthy and can provide what you say you can.

It takes time and you need to be yourself both through your social media and in person.  So, don’t forget about the offline networking opportunities open to you.  Get out and meet other people – meet your target market.  Where do they hang out?

When you meet your target market personally it helps build on a bond which you have started to hopefully build up online.  Here is the old saying “People do business with People”.  If someone meets the person behind the writing and the business page, they will be able to start building up a rapore with you and then the trust will flow and then so will the business.

Be consistent – attend a networking meeting more than once.

Be consistent – set up a standard time & day that you post to your social media.

Be consistent – offer a mixture of information and sales.  Information based posts are more likely to lead to business.

Be consistent – set up meetings with potential and existing clients, making them feel special.

Be consistent – be you!

You should keep an eye on what your competitors are doing because you need to keep ahead of what they are doing!  However, there is enough work around for what you do and offer but your USP must be different to your competitors and you must showcase what your USP is….  What is your USP?  What is your Unique Selling Point?

Tell people how you differ and tell them why what you offer makes your business more attractive to them.  Remember, though never Sell, Sell, Sell.  That is important.  Do you like going to a page or a networking function and all you do is Sell but don’t actually hear what anyone else is saying to you?

You must listen to your audience, your readers, your listeners and Learn from them.  They will tell you what they want to know more about.

Marketing – the way to more customers and greater business growth if undertaken the right way.

M – Mean what you say

A – Action your words
R – React to your audience
K – Keep being consistent
E – Everyone is important
T – Time your schedule
I – Interact effectively
N – Network online and offline
G – Get started today

Are you ready to start your Marketing correctly?
Are you using the right Marketing for your business?

If you do not feel confident that you are handling your Marketing effectively, then please contact me today.

©Hazel Theocharous, Learn Grow Transform


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