Creating Systems

Starting a business is a big step but one that everyone can take.

One step however that is generally missed is that of creating systems.

What are systems?  They can be:

  • creating a filing system (online and offline)
  • ensuring that you have a database which is working for you
  • setting up templates for your business
  • how do you order your courier?
  • opening up your bank account and creating a bookkeeping system
  • creating your branding and how to follow it
  • how do you create your newsletter and when?

The list is endless as far as your business systems are concerned, and each business can have different systems and needs.

Business owners (small to large) often set aside their systems in favour of working in their business as if they were an employee working for someone else.

What can a small business do to ensure that this step in their business is not missed?

They need to take time out in the early stages and ensure that they have a system in place – diarising time for working on their business and making sure that they have created a step by step analysis and procedure for what you do in your business.

It is so important to do this and create the all important Operations or Procedures Manual which will become your bible for your business.  This is much easier to do from the beginning of your business, than to grow and suddenly realise you have everything in your head and not on paper.

How do you do this though?

Every time you undertake a new step or create something new in your business – bullet point it, write it down.  This becomes a system.

Sounds too time consuming?  Is it?

In reality, it takes less time to write down this procedure whilst you are doing it than later.  If it needs adjusting, adjust it when the time comes.  If you leave it until later, that is when it will happen – later!  Or Never!

Don’t put off processing all of your systems into a word document, or even hand writing your procedures.  Once processed, your business will always have them to hand if you forget what you did to achieve or create something, or if you employ new staff or need to outsource some of your workload.

Systemise your business to grow your business. Do you need help?

©Hazel Theocharous

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