Changing your Fear to Focus!

I would like you to imagine just for 30 seconds the #1 fear you have in your business right now.   It could be starting a new Facebook page or Twitter account or understanding Pinterest. It could be that you do not understand how to navigate your WordPress site or get your newsletter started. Do […]


ACT Now in Your Business

A – Act now – there is no better time C – Create a list of your “How-To’s” T – Train yourself in something new   If you answer ‘Yes’ to one of the following questions then you need to Act in your business and Ask for Help today. 1) Do you sometimes sit in […]


Your Blog – an important marketing tool

YOUR BLOG – YOUR MARKETING TOOL I had written this blog post for my Expert VA Global website, but it is very pertinent here as well, so I wanted to share.   So, you have created a website for your business but what about your blog? It is a great marketing tool which keeps your […]


You have expertise which others don’t

It is always important to remember that you have expertise in areas that others do not. It can sometimes feel that you should know everything – but NO ONE can KNOW EVERYTHING! You can easily sell yourself if you are confident in your own abilities and what you can teach others. Everything else you should […]


What’s wrong with the old Bob the Builder?

Well in our lives and in our business we do need to keep up with the changes which surround us from social media to new laws, however when something is working – why change it? Remember when you start in a business it can take a lot of momentum to pick up new business and […]



ODE TO SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS GLOBALLY Every business owner, at some point in their business life, crave MORE TIME and LESS STRESS. We provide an amazing service to our clients, but what happens to items behind the scenes? Everything from social media management to email marketing, websites to general admin – so many of these […]


Your Newsletter

A thought for you and your businesses leading up to the Xmas Holiday period…. Do you have a Newsletter? Perhaps now is the time to organise one.   Social Media is a must And your website is too But a Newsletter always keeps your Clients informed about what you do.   We all offer something […]


No Business Question is Silly!

When you come up with a question about your business, sometimes your reaction is: ‘I can’t ask anyone that’…. ‘I’m sure it is too simple and when I ask, they will laugh or wonder why I don’t know’. BUT, in every business there will be questions we will not know the answer to.     […]


You are who you are!

What is your story? In business there is more of a story behind just where you are at now… I attended a wonderful networking meeting yesterday – WIBN Islington and all of the attendees were basically asked what is the story behind who you are right now… It was fascinating to hear about everyone’s background […]