Blogging for Business


BLOGGING – an essential tool for you in your business.

MARKETING – provide informative information to those who want to know more about your service or product.


If you have been sitting around thinking about starting a Blog, then you have been sitting around far too long. You are missing out on a new potential audience but not only that, you are missing out on your website being higher up the ranking in Google.

When you create new posts on a regular basis, Google likes this and will start ranking your site higher. Why wouldn’t you want this?

Remember, that you have a knowledge that others do not. You have some amazing information to pass on.

Is the reason you haven’t started your Blog because of fear? Fear that you don’t know where to start? Fear that perhaps you feel no-one wants to know?

Now is the time to get over this fear and start blogging!

What will you take away from training from me in relation to blogging?

  • integration of your blog with your website – keeping everything branded
  • a template guide to getting your blog started
  • an idea of where you can get the best images
  • learn the best layout for your and your business
  • how to schedule blog posts for future posting
  • keywords
  • feature images
  • external links

To book any session with me, please EMAIL ME or phone number – 07914 170 411.

I look forward to making your first Blog a reality.

Warm wishes