Each week I will be bringing you a Small Business Book which I have read and feel you would love to read too. Todays book is: Thinking for Success: A Candid Conversation About How to Stay Focused and Take Action on Your Dreams. Why are some women able to achieve their dreams while others never see them come to fruition? Click here to read more:





Are you looking for a business app which will help you collate your business cards, then look no further than Camcard. “New contacts are worth their weight in gold for growing businesses — but business cards aren’t worth much at the bottom of a drawer, where they often end up. Enter CamCard, the digital way to scan and exchange business cards, and actually use the contact info on them.” –





There are a number of ways to grow your business and just one of them is through a Business Directory.  This week I am highlighting a business directory which has grown quickly and already has a long list. The owner of the directory, Laurel Alper spends a lot of time networking and marketing for everyone who places their details on the Laurel Leaf Networking Directory and it is worthwhile having a look at.!directory






The latest in Social Media updates…

WHATSAPP!  Facebook owned, WhatsApp is adding encrypted voice chats! By adding this service, every message (text or video) which WhatsApp users do will all be completely secure.

What does this mean to you?  Only people sending and receiving a message will be able to read it!



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