Creating Business Systems



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Systems – what are they?


Creating your Templates

Templates are a necessity to ensure that the same formats are sent to each of your clients or customers.

Examples of Templates which a business needs are:

~ Letterhead
~ Email signatures
~ Invoices and Receipts
~ Marketing items such as business cards or flyers

Through my training you will learn how to streamline templates and ensure that they are exactly what suits you and will have the right impact on your clients or customers.


Your Procedures

Procedures are so important for your business. Why? Well if you have set procedures in place you can easily employ a new staff member and they can follow the documented procedures you have already put in place.

The sort of procedures you would document to follow would be:

~ how you update your website
~ the steps you follow to take on a new client~ how do you keep a track of your accounts
~ how do you create your social media updates or blog posts



You can learn how to outsource your admin, your social media, your blogging, your bookkeeping, your graphics and more. With a background as an Outsourcing Expert, I can take you through the best way to find the right expert, the tips and tricks to how to pick the right items in your business to outsource.

Outsourcing is an element of your business which in itself is important as it can free up your time and allow you to be on top of the business you love.


If you would like to know more – please feel free to EMAIL ME or phone number – 07914 170 411.

I look forward to making your Business Systems a reality.

Warm wishes