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Here are some tips to get you ready for 2018 in your business and to stop panicking should you need to take time out of your business over the upcoming Festive Season and school holidays!

As a Mum and business owner I know the importance of spending time in your business, as well as on it but also importantly to take time out to spend with our children and family.



Tips for items you can do during the quieter festive season to gear up and prepare for 2018:

  • Sort through your business cards, if you don’t know the person and you have not made any notes, do not keep the business card any longer.
  • If you have made a note on the card and you feel that this person may be someone you can network with, connect with or possibly receive business from, keep these business cards to the side ready to input and follow up.
  • Now, if you don’t already have a database, now is the perfect time to find one to suit you, create it and now enter these business cards ready to create follow ups.
  • Sort out your marketing schedule, blogs, articles, media etc. for 2018 – make a plan ready.
  • Sort your filing (yes, we all have this!).

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Are you thinking of going on leave over the break – make sure you work out how your business may run in your absence.  Items such as:

– email management
– phone answering
– mail collection
– blog and social media updates,

may seem like something which can wait until you get back, but you may miss out on clients without realising it.  What if you get an enquiry which you do not act on until you get back – in that timeframe, they have already sourced someone else to do it!

Now is the time to GEAR UP for 2018 and the Festive Season!

©Hazel Theocharous

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