Case Study!

I assisted an Accountancy firm consisting of the owner and 5 staff. The staff were not happy and the owner did not know what the problem was and how it could be dealt with.

After an interview process with each staff member, there was a common underlying theme, which was that the owner did not spend time listening to the staff and their ideas and thoughts which would benefit not hinder his business.

I went through each job description with the staff and listened to what they were upset about, what aspects of their jobs they enjoyed and what they would prefer to do. They also gave suggestions on what they thought could make the business better.

In addition to this, I scheduled time to go through current procedures and systems which were currently in place – which were not actually followed!

After a week of intensive analysis and scrutiny, I created a report which outlined in detail:

– new job descriptions for the staff; and
– new procedures and systems for marketing, admin and general day to day actions by staff;

I met with the owner of the business to go through the report and my findings. At first, he was anxious about the findings, but realised that by making the suggested changes, he would not only have a happier staff but a greater business growth.

To date, my understanding is that the business has been utilising the findings from the report and everything is just as advised!

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