I was approached to assist an air-conditioning company to analyse their business and offer suggestions on just how they could increase their productivity and their profits!

It wasn’t until I started speaking with the General Manager that I realised that this company already had a profitable turnover of over $6 million… However, I created a timetable to meet up with the heads of the 5 separate departments. I went through with each one of them exactly what they did on a daily basis, including dealing with staff, clients and admin (including filing and document saving)!

The first realisation I had was that not one thing in this business flowed. What surprised me more than anything was that this business already had such a wonderfully large profit – with hardly any systems, procedures or strategies. How had they managed to achieve this??

After my meetings, I realised what needed to happen and I put together a thorough analysis and strategy for (a) the various departments to start utilising; and (b) for the entire business as a whole to follow.

My input didn’t just stop there. I spent the time required in the business to ensure that the strategies were being followed and that all members of staff understood and knew how important their part to play in this strategy was.

I had a retainer with this company for a year and they are now happily enjoying a greater profit just from a business analysis and strategic plan to keep them moving forward and achieving what most businesses want – business growth!

If you feel your business, or a business you know would benefit from a similar experience to the above, please contact me – I would love to analyse your business and provide a strategic plan for you to follow to help you lead to business growth and transformation.

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