Learn Grow Transform – Be interviewed


Remember as a small business owner you have a lot to offer – you have a knowledge, expertise and experience that no-one else has.  This is on top of your wonderful personality and the product/service you have created a business around.

So, bringing together my passion for small business and my wonderful interviewing skills (yes I am blowing my own trumpet – others have said the same thing!), I am starting to interview again – Facebook live interviews, YouTube and through iTunes podcasts….

Do you want to be involved?

The first ‘3’ people to message me will receive their interview free.  After that the cost of an interview will be £97.00.

What do you get for this?

  • 15 minute interview
  • Social media promotion across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, iTunes
  • Inclusion in a blog post on Learn Grow Transform website.

Are you ready to book an interview time?


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