We all need a routine in our business.  Sounds simple?

Well it can be very easy to create and stick to a routine once you have a timetable in place.  That’s what our children use when they are at school.  Whether it a primary school student who follows exactly what their teacher writes on the whiteboard or a secondary/university student who have a timetable provided to them and they need to ensure they are at the right classroom at the right time.

So – what can you do in your business?  Well.  Importantly you need to take time out of your business to put time back in.

Firstly, on a piece of paper jot down everything you can thing of that you do in your week.

Secondly, place each of these into a category.  For example: filing, email management, invoicing, paying bills could be Admin.  Next social media posts, email newsletters, blog posts, telemarketing would be Marketing.  Next, client meetings, client preparation, client work, client follow up would be Clients.  These are just an example, you may wish to call your categories something different.

Lastly, now plan your week slotting these categories into your business week.  Remember to add ‘ME’ time to your week (if possible at least 10 minutes per day).   This ‘ME’ time doesn’t mean you don’t take a lunch break.  ‘ME’ time is a reflection time.  Time just to put your feet up and be you…

So, instead of wishing you had more time in our business week – make time.  It is easier than you think.  Don’t sit back and wait, use the beginning of a new year to get your system in place today.  It will make you more productive and efficient in your business.

Still need help?  Then why not ask for help.

© Hazel Theocharous, Learn Grow Transform

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