Yes, in business there are words we all use on a daily basis BUT the one word I love the most is ASK!

This word is possibly one of the least used words as it seems to be hardest to say when it comes to small business owners.  I have wondered why this is the case but after hosting my own radio show, writing my book and speaking to small business owners globally it is definitely not a word which comes easily to business owners.

Most of the time startups, entrepreneurs, mums in business and small business owners feel that they need to do everything themselves and instead of ASKing for help, they continue in overwhelm until they hit a brick wall or feel they can no longer run their business.  By then for some, it can be too late.  It is hard to come back from something which they feel they have run out of steam with or that a new start would not fix anything.

Instead of reaching that put in your business, you should realise that as soon as you are feeling up against it or wishing that you could take a next step but not sure how, ASK for that help.  The most important point here is that you are not alone.  Others have been through what you are going through, or perhaps are going through right now.


Use your various areas of support to ASK for assistance.

If you are not already part of a networking group, this may be the perfect time to seek out the right group for you.  Is your target focus Women in Business or a mix of male and female.  Are you seeking a corporate audience?  There is such a mix of networking groups and each one usually offers 1-2 free visits before you need to commit.  Check which one would suit you, check your budget and make a choice.

Mastermind Groups
Sometimes a networking group may not be the right place – sometimes you may need a mastermind group (a group which meets to help business owners look at their problems and assist with solutions).  Yes, they exist and they can be the best ways for you to move your business forward.  I am setting up a Business Steps Mastermind Group in North London to assist with exactly this as I know how important this type of group has been for my business.

Social Media
There is always the option now online to join Business Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.  You can also join Twitter Hours on Twitter and ASK questions to help your business.  Remember especially in groups to ensure that you look at the Group Guidelines to ensure you represent yourself and your business with the right etiquette and follow the admin rules.   But generally just ASKing a question is in keeping with Groups admin rules.

Yes, you may well have someone who is already in business who you can speak with even if just to express your feelings about your overwhelm and stress.  It can be just what you may need to just sound out your current thoughts and feelings.

Yes, this can be a great way to move your business forward. Again ASK for recommendations.  There will always be a Mentoring program available and sometimes you can find these through your local council or government websites.  Well worth using a Google search to find these programs in your local area.

Workshops/Online courses/Personal Business Training
Whichever of these you look at doing, this is another way to learn how to do something in your business – either in the presence of other business owners wanting to know exactly what you want to learn or to get someone to assist you on a very bespoke personal level.  This can be anything from time management to bookkeeping or from social media to setting up your templates.

REMEMBER, the main thing you need to remember to do is ASK for help and assistance in your business.  Don’t be afraid. This should become part and parcel of how you run your business.  You could be at the very start of your business, been in business for 3-5 years or for over 10 years – whatever length of time you will always come up with something you need help with to overcome, learn or manage.

So, if it is just how to set up your Facebook page through to how to grow your business by hiring new staff – ASK for help….  There is always someone to assist you.

© Hazel Theocharous
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