Outsourcing is not a new word but it is still a reasonably new one in the world of business.

Why is this?

Personally we use outsourcing almost every day of our lives – we get someone to service our cars, check a leaking tap, do our gardening and even clean our homes, but when it comes to business, it almost seems to be an unapproachable subject for most business owners.

However, just as it is with us personally where we do not know how to do something, or we just do not have the time, in business by learning to outsource, your time is freed up and stress relieved.

Business Owners however are scared of outsourcing – some feel that they will lose control of their business and others feel that it is too expensive for them.

Both aspects of this are not true.  But of course it is important to understand how outsourcing works before you can appreciate the benefits.

Here is a quick checklist of how to get started.


Firstly, a business owner needs to create a timetable which is just for them and their business.

Secondly, a list of activities should be created.

Thirdly, a business owner needs to recognise which items on the list can be outsourced to free up their time.

Lastly, a business owner can then outsource.

Four easy first steps to outsourcing, but behind each step is a list of what you should do and how to achieve it.

Once you know how to Outsource as a Business Owner, you will never look back – it will become a part of your every day life, just as it already has for you personally.

I will upload a further blog post with more information on making Outsourcing work for you shortly.

Take care and happy business growth to you.

Warm wishes
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