As a small business owner myself, I used to wonder why I should start creating blog posts.  So, I completely understand why you may be thinking the exact same thing.

I recently did a Google search to see if someone had written a blog post about ‘why a blog post for small business was so important’, but although there were several with tips on how to get started, there was no actual posts on why you need one.  So here it is…

Tick if you already have:

If you have these, you are already working towards your marketing goal.  However, as a small business owner are you actually telling your potential and current clients about you and offering your tips, expertise and insights through words, images and video?

Remember, you do have something important to tell others.  Yes, you do!  It may feel like blogging is something for a bigger business but when you are online, you are in an equivalent world.  Your words matter just as much, if not more than the big business.  Why?  Because other small business owners need you and want to work with you.  But they just need to know that you are there and feel your presence through your blog posts.

A website allows you show your products, services, packages, prices and how someone can contact you.

Your social media posts are immediate and usually offer quick tips or information or share something you have found valuable and wish to share with your communities.

Your newsletters are an important tool to share all of the above with people who may not be on your social media platforms and therefore are not aware of current offers, tips or information.

But, your BLOG is what sells you.

Your blog showcases your expertise which you have gained through learning, personal experience, various business industries you may have worked in etc.  Remember, you are different to everyone else.

Your background, your experiences (good and bad) come into everything you offer and everything you do.  Treasure these and share through your blog posts.


I don’t mean that you need to be personal and share information about you and your family (if it is not relevant to your business), but let your experiences and expertise shine through.

The top 7 reasons why you, the small business owner, need to have a blog:

1) Let people see the person behind your business, it helps them associate themselves with you.

2) By providing engaging and informative regular information, people will start to see you as the expert.

3) A blog is the most integral part of your marketing, make it work for you.

4) The traffic to your website will grow as Google loves blog posts and indexes blog posts quicker than web pages.

5) You offer immediate solutions to those seeking answers to their ongoing questions.

6) Posting regularly to your blog shows you as being credible, consistent and the go to person.

7) Believe you have something to say, write it and feel empowered knowing that you have so much knowledge to share.

Once you have created your blog, here are just a few ways you can share your blog posts…

A. Via your Newsletter
B. Add to your email signature
C. Share via your social media platforms
D. Upload to PR websites
E. Direct email to past, current and potential clients

So, now is the time to get started on your blog. 

Not sure how to get started on your blog?  Then please contact me to ask for help with my one on one personalised training sessions (available online via Skype or in person).  Email me to book your session.

©Hazel Theocharous

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