We talk about it all the time – but stop talking time and take time out!

It is absolutely OK to say to yourself, I need to take a 5 minute break from my desk and my business.

There are people who I know stick to an absolutely strict timetable where very minute of the day is catered for. This is fine, if this is YOU and how you operate.

But remember, it is perfectly natural to hear yourself saying ‘I cannot concentrate, where has my motivation gone’ etc.

It happens to everyone I know.

So how do you beat this?



Yes, just STOP. Anything else you are about to do – you will not do well if you are in a state of overwhelm or feel under-motivated. This is not the time for you to be working on anything in your business.


Stand up and move away from your desk and your computer. Easier said than done? Especially when you can see a pile of paperwork which is not moving. But just do it.


Check the time on your watch or your phone. If possible, set a timer for 5 minutes on either.


Leave everything at or on your desk and go for a walk. Up and down the corridor, to the toilet, get a coffee, read your book for 5 minutes. Anything which is not work related. When you hear the timer go off, take 5 deep breaths and head back to your desk.


Now is the time to approach everything with a clearer head. You have given yourself TIME. It wasn’t that hard but you brain is ready to start again.

This blog post just came to me when I felt like this before 1) above. I got up and got a coffee, sat and looked at a magazine for 5 minutes, took my 5 deep breaths and I am sitting writing this post in the hope that you will be able to use these 5 quick tips next time you feel overwhelmed.

Hope you can use these Quick 5 Tips.



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