DV-TeamMembers7I would like to make an enormous testimonial to Hazel Theocharous from Learn Grow Transform. Hazel has been an exceptional help to myself and my other team members through out our new website and business transition. Not only is Hazel incredibly patient and knowledgable, she offers so much more than just training services.

With her extensive wealth of business office management (yes this lady has gone into 6 million dollar companies and turned them completely around!), Hazel provides a very niche and stand out service where she enters into your work environment and carries out a complete analysis of what you may be missing or need training on, both office and technical wise. Thereafter forming a complete strategical plan as to how to best approach it to improve overall business unity, knowledge and therefore financial growth. It is then she can assist you with training in particular areas if you wish.

This is something that every business should use whether small or large. Like me you get stuck in a rut and think you are doing everything right but actually fresh eyes will always look at it from a different dimension. Anyway I could go on and on about this particular service but mostly I would just like to say Hazels experience is absolutely astonishing and something we could all take a piece of for our businesses!

Thank you Hazel – Team DV
Caroline Williams, De Vallenger Design