Outsourcing can be a very daunting process but it doesn’t need to be.

Here are some of the main items you can outsource in your business as soon as the overwhelming feeling hits you.


Although you are the expert in your field, you do not need to procrastinate about creating your blog posts any more.  You can either create a post and ask someone to check and edit for you, or provide someone with bullet points and ask them to expand on them and create your blog post for you.  Either way, it will ensure that your blog posts are written on a timely basis.




Not everyone loves to get on their various social media platforms and create posts, upload images and be creative.  But there are so many experts in this field, why sit on this for too long.  A social media expert can take on one or more of your social media platforms and help you grow your LIKES and your engagement on your page.  WOW, imagine the freedom you will feel once this happening for you.  Once you have learnt how to do it, by following their posts, you can, if you want, take it back and keep it going.  But that would be up to you.




How often have you thought to yourself, I have heard that I should seek feedback from my clients but you have not got around to this?  Perhaps you either feel uncomfortable, or just do not have the time it may take.  You can outsource this too – it can be done by someone experienced in setting up surveys or by interviewing your clients to obtain their feedback.




How many times do your accounts get on top of you?  You are late paying your Tax Bill or invoices are not sent out or debtors chased up.  This is an ongoing problem for a number of small business owners but for cashflow purposes and to ensure you are on top of your P&L, you should seek the services of a bookkeeper to keep you on track.





What!  No, my database is fine.  I hear that a lot.  But generally a database to most small business owners means a name in a business book or a business card in their drawer.  There are also experts who know all about which database would suit you best and can not only set it up to suit you and your business but can also bring it up to date and show you how to effectively use this important business tool.




Yes, believe it or not there are people out there who absolutely love filing.  So instead of procrastinating and watching your filing pile grow – locate someone to work through your pile and not only make them disappear but create a system for you to follow so that the pile doesn’t keep growing.




A sticking point because of how many emails we all deal with on a daily basis.  There are different systems, different platforms and sometimes you may need to move from one to another.  What happens to your contacts, your emails and your signatures?  Someone can also assist you with these and create a flow for you from one to another.  Stuck not knowing how to arrange your emails into a manageable system – you can outsource this too.




How can you get someone to help you do this?  Perhaps you have been meaning to set up some podcasts or audio on your site.  There are experts in this field as well who can either interview you for your site, or can set up the necessary software on your computer and teach you how to create your own audio.  Some experts can also set up you and your podcast up on iTunes showing the world that you are actually an expert in your field.




Two of the most important aspects of your business are your graphics and your website.  If you are not an expert in these 2 fields then seek out someone who is.  The most important point to raise here is that you need to ensure that you like the previous work that the expert you outsource to has completed before.  You also need to ensure that you confirm a price and what is included in that price and ensure that the brief you provide is fully understood before asking that person to start.  The costs can escalate if you change your mind more than the advised inclusions.




Whether it is a powerpoint presentation you would like to have converted to a video, or you are seeking a high quality YouTube TV series online, you can find someone to work with you to create this and take that fear factor away.


These are only just some of the items you can outsource or delegate in your business.  So as soon as you are feeling overwhelmed in your business, that is the time to step back and work out just what it is that is making you feel that way and take the necessary steps to get someone to help you.  I can help you in your business in one training session by working out what you can and should outsource to free up your time.  Please ask me how.

Hazel Theocharous
Learn Grow Transform


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