Which one of the below images looks like you in your business? I hope it is the feeling of being Empowered!

Are you a Small Business owner who is continually feeling frustrated or powerless to get on top of the tools in your business which may help you grow?

Yes, you can sit there and hope that the answers come! Or you can find someone to do the work for you.

But, does that answer the overall feeling that you need the knowledge yourself which will empower you to understand your business inside and out before you actually outsource the work.

There are many tools we have in business which can be easy for others but not so easy for you. Why is this the case?

Well, say you are a florist. You know your flowers, you know where to buy them, which flowers suit which occasion and how to create magnificent bouquets and table centre pieces. But, you lack the confidence, and fear the unknown when it comes to sitting at your computer and working on your systems, your marketing or your invoicing…

Take the fear away by learning how to do some of these unknowns. Face the fear and empower yourself to learn something new. Once you know how and you know your branding it makes it so much easier to get someone to help you, if this is the course you wish to go down. But, you need to know before you go!!!

Either feel powerless or feel empowered! It is ultimately your choice.

Training can get you there, just need to make the first move and ask.

Hazel, your Small Business Trainer.
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