I had written this blog post for my Expert VA Global website, but it is very pertinent here as well, so I wanted to share.


So, you have created a website for your business but what about your blog?

It is a great marketing tool which keeps your business website being ranked highly in Google, as well as providing much-needed advice and information to your actual and potential followers and clients.

Imagine that you are:

(i) a medical practitioner who specializes in acupuncture or natural therapies and have a knowledge which the general person in the street does not have โ€“ this is the perfect way to impart your knowledge and educate others; or

(ii) a florist who loves to teach people how to create bouquets or what the best flowers are each season can let others know the answer to these questions in a blog post. You can add YouTube videos as well which people can follow easily; or

(iii) an accountant who has important information for all business owners about their tax or how to create accounting systems can provide this knowledge via a blog.

By creating a regular blog, this is a great marketing tool for your business.

Although you will continue to update your website and make changes as required to content or add images to represent your business and your brand, your blog will be your main marketing avenue. This is the way to alert the general public or your clients to new information, upcoming events or just something you feel is something you want to say.

Remember when blogging to take the time to write your posts.

However, sometimes this can be difficult and you can locate someone who loves to write. Start with bullet points of information and expand on your post and upload regularly – if you can manage weekly, that’s great but even if you have a new post every month, that can be enough.

But remember, to upload your blog post on the same day every week, fortnight or month so that your followers will know when to keep a track. Also, add an RSS feed to your site so that people can easily subscribe to your blog.

I can help you overcome the starting of your blog by training you “How do I ……” in your business.

Warm wishes
Hazel, Small Business Trainer

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