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TRAINING can be customized to suit your needs.

Whether you are part of a large corporate, a school or college, your admin staff always require training to ensure that they perform their roles more efficiently and productively.

It could be that you are seeking a way to grow your client base and need your staff to be trained in the marketing best suited to your business.

Perhaps you would like to see your office become a paperless office and therefore require your staff to be trained in aspects which will assist this process.

Do you have staff that need to learn how to use Excel, Word, Powerpoint or other to ensure that they are being effective in their roles?

Training is provided within your own environment which assists in ensuring that staff feel comfortable and ready to learn a new skill.

Case Study

A large school in London wanted to ensure that their admin staff could utilize both Mailchimp and Wufoo to start the process of the school becoming more of a paperless environment.  After two days of training the majority of the admin staff, the staff already see the benefits and are excited to be a part of the transforming environment they are working in.  The training provided by Hazel was to beginners and more advanced but every element of the training was targeted to the right audience so that every attendee left knowing something new and feeling more empowered to move forward.

Do your staff need training in any area of your business?

As each training session is different, the costs are calculated once all requirements have been worked out and a proposal is put forward.

Please contact me should you be interested in:

* helping your staff feel more empowered

* ensuring your business is working professionally and productively

* marketing your business to ensure greater business growth and higher client retention.

Email me here to find out how you can achieve this today.

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