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I am so excited to bring you my new arm of Learn Grow Transform.  A number of you will know that I used to host my own radio show, The Small Business Show in Sydney Australia and here in London but after thinking about why I am splitting myself into two, I have decided to bring my podcasts and interviews all under the one banner of my business – Learn Grow Transform.

I am so looking forward to bringing you interviews, tips, information and more to help your business grow so you are less overwhelmed and stressed and so that you no longer feel alone in your business – especially if you work from you.

If you haven’t already realised it by reading my post – I am so passionate about small business, helping you and making you feel empowered and it all makes sense to me to keep it under my own umbrella….

If you feel you have something to contribute or would love to be involved in my new venture under my Learn Grow Transform banner, then please let me know…  The first 3 people to contact me will receive a FREE interview with lots of social media coverage.  The amount of coverage you will receive across my website, my social media, YouTube and iTunes will help your business grow too.  Even the smallest publicity can be the best publicity.

Below is how you can get involved moving forward.…  Click through to find out more…


Do you want to be involved?

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