Video for your Business!

WHY SHOULD YOU USE VIDEO FOR YOUR BUSINESS? You can create ‘How To’, Educational or Inspirational Videos Video is such an important part of your business and everyone can use it!  Yes, even if you do not feel confident or comfortable in front of the camera. You can now utilise all of your social media […]

Happy New Year Small Businesses

It’s a New Year and what does that mean for your business?   A. It means that if you have been feeling that your business hasn’t been going as well as you like, then this is time for a new start. B. If your business in 2016 was moving forward but you would still love […]

facebook tips

Facebook Posts

When you look at your Facebook page, can you see your pinned post first, or are you currently seeing Events, Videos, Photos and more? Are you making the most of the images you post on your page? I would suggest that most small business owners do not know that a lot of fantastic features exist, […]

Declutter today

BUSINESS OR PERSONAL! WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DECLUTTER TODAY? In business I am all for creating systems and procedures and streamlining and structuring to ensure greater productivity and efficiency.  This is something all business owners should strive for and which I work with my individual clients to achieve. But this is also the case […]

Is a Database important for my business?

Why do I need a Database?   As a Small Business Trainer and Consultant, I am asked this question alot.   Well, the most important reason is that this is where you: – will keep your client data – know when to follow up – remember important aspects of their business – perhaps an anniversary […]

Be consistent in Marketing!

It is very difficult for small business when you see competitors getting the business you felt should be yours!  But have you watched your competitors, do you see something different in what they do? Unless your business is completely by Word of Mouth, then you need to ensure that your marketing is working for you […]

What you have in common with Prince

It is a sad today that we wake up to the knowledge that another amazing creative artist has passed away but leaves an amazing legacy which will live on through his songs and lyrics. So what does this have to do with you, the small business owner?  The person who strives every day to create […]

business new

Business What’s New – 18 March 2016

SMALL BUSINESS BOOKS   Each week I will be bringing you a Small Business Book which I have read and feel you would love to read too. Todays book is: Thinking for Success: A Candid Conversation About How to Stay Focused and Take Action on Your Dreams. Why are some women able to achieve their […]


Outsource to find time!

Outsourcing is not a new word but it is still a reasonably new one in the world of business. Why is this? Personally we use outsourcing almost every day of our lives – we get someone to service our cars, check a leaking tap, do our gardening and even clean our homes, but when it […]


Its Spring – Time for a Business Spring Clean!

Its Spring – Time for a Business Spring Clean! Every business deserves a spring clean! In Spring, as a home owner, you seem to go through and cull items in your home which you no longer need , you dust, clean curtains and start afresh!  But what about your business? This is a wonderful opportunity […]