Instagram – Tips you didn’t know

So do you use Instagram? Instagram is a great tool for your business and can help grow your business especially if you are a business which can provide ongoing image examples of what you offer and the work you have carried out.  You know, even if you are a service...

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Time, Productivity, Accountability

Time, Productivity, Accountability – three items necessary to run a business successfully and achieve business growth. Let me help you with my new Business Mentor packages starting in 2018.

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Getting ready for 2018

Some Handy Tips   Here are some tips to get you ready for 2018 in your business and to stop panicking should you need to take time out of your business over the upcoming Festive Season and school holidays! As a Mum and business owner I know the importance of spending...

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Big step to starting your business

Creating Systems Starting a business is a big step but one that everyone can take. One step however that is generally missed is that of creating systems. What are systems?  They can be: creating a filing system (online and offline) ensuring that you have a database...

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Newsletters – a must in small business

Yes, there are many reasons why you should have a Newsletter, and I will take you through all of these ending up with the BIGGEST at the end of this post. But firstly, what is a Newsletter?  Well it is as it seems a letter full of news related to you and your...

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Video for your Business!

WHY SHOULD YOU USE VIDEO FOR YOUR BUSINESS? You can create ‘How To’, Educational or Inspirational Videos Video is such an important part of your business and everyone can use it!  Yes, even if you do not feel confident or comfortable in front of the camera. You can...

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