A number of us have been watching the World Cup and seeing goals being scored by the ultimate players in the world…  But not only are these players scoring goals, they are achieving personal goals they have set for themselves.  Yes, every footballer (and indeed sports player), sets themselves targets and goals to achieve.  It may be just to give it their all throughout a match or it may be more intense and that is to score at least 1 goal against the best goalkeeper in the world.  Whatever their goal, they set out to achieve it…

#HarryKane says “For me, it’s just about controlling everything I can and making sure I’m as fit, healthy and recovered as I can be for each game.”

Are you doing this for yourself and/or for your business?

If not, why not?

Setting yourself a goal (personal or in business) is absolutely essential to help you reach the limits you want to reach.  Stardom, more wealth or just wanting to help your family or your clients.  Whatever your goal, they are your goals but you need to set our targets…

“I’m learning a lot of things every day. On the pitch you’re kind of trapped in this bubble. You don’t know your brain is doing it but you’re looking at loads of different things – where the ball’s going to land, people’s body movements, where the keeper is – so there’s a lot of things you’re taking in at once. It’s just clockwork and you get used to doing it, your brain processing all these different pieces of information. When you do that consistently, that’s when you know you’re at the top level.  #MarcusRashford

Set realistic goals.  If you set your goals too high, you will find that you never reach them.  It is imperative that you do step by step goals and work out steps to getting you to reach that goal.  So, do you do this alone?  You can, but if you do then you really do need to be diligent and set time aside to ensure that you are on track.  However, some people / business owners find that this is just too hard and procrastinate.  They never move their goals forward and therefore, if in business, stagnate.

Stop!  Remember!  Do!

I love these words….

Stop!  Stop what you are doing today and work out what you are doing.  Are you doing what you have your heard set on?  If you have created a goal or series of goals, what are you they?  Are you on track.  Think about this.

Remember!  Remember why you started your business.  Your business may have changed.  You may have had to make changes since starting your business, but whatever reason you started your business – take time out and remember why that was.  If it was for a work / life balance and that is no longer the case, why?  Perhaps this is your first goal to accomplish.

Do!  Yes, Do!  So if you have stopped and remembered, now is the time to put your goals and target plans into action.  Create a business plan (if you don’t have one), update your business plan (if you do have one) and put a time management plan into a place adding a goal session into this time plan.  Spend time on your business to ensure you are moving in the direction you want.

So, what goals do you have?  Scoring a new client (instead of a football goal!), creating a reinvigorated work/life balance – whatever you want to achieve – NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!

If our #threelions #England team can win a Penalty shootout in a World Cup for the first time ever – what is stopping you?

Let me know what your goals are for your business.

Do you need help to reach these goals?  Let me know.

© Hazel Theocharous, Learn Grow Transform

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