Home based / micro business training

Need training on a specific topic?

Worried about asking for help because your questions seem too basic to ask?

Please stop feeling like this – you’re NOT alone.
Lots of people out there have exactly the same questions.

Imagine how great it’ll feel to understand the issue you’ve been stuck on!
And that will make you feel confident about getting to grips with MORE new things in your business.

Let’s work together for a FREE 15 minutes, focusing on your business and whatever you need to learn.
Then we can book in a 2 hour training session which is personalised to your exact needs.
I can train you in person or via Skype wherever you are in the world.

What is it you want to learn?

~ More about your Marketing
~ Selecting the right Social Media
~ Simplifying your Business Systems

Cost: £150 (no VAT applicable)

No problem. Please get in touch and let’s get a free 15 minute consultation scheduled in.

NB: The only additional charge – £25.00 for any travel over 5 miles from London, NW3

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