A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a solo entrepreneur who works closely with individuals and small business operators to assist them with the administrative needs, and that is where I come in.

Examples of how a virtual assistant can assist are:

  • General Administrative;
  • Office setups and procedures;
  • Assistance with newsletter creation and monthly mailouts;
  • Research;
  • Book-keeping;
  • Concierge services; and
  • HR assistance.

Because a VA is not a permanent employee of your firm, you only pay for the time worked by the VA.  There are no other employment costs for you or your business.

The term “Virtual Assistant” is as it sounds “virtual”.

However, in some instances, a client may require a VA to be physically present in their office.  In this instance, they are still an independent contractor working for your business and the same minimal outlay will still apply.  This set up makes a VA affordable and convenient to individuals and small business.

An example of how a small business can utilize a Virtual Assistant is:

A client sets up a new business and requires someone to assist in the initial set up of their office including email setup, brochures, research of competitors, website creation, letters, powerpoint presentations etc.. 

Rather than employing a permanent employee, this small business operator decides to hire a Virtual Assistant as they realise that it is more cost-effective and easier to manage as they do not need to provide extra equipment at such an early stage in their business.

Whatever administrative requirements a business may have, a Virtual Assistant can assist with them – big or small.

I have over 20 years experience in administration and office management in a wide range of business spheres, including 8 years experience as Virtual Assistant and 4 years as a Business Trainer.

There are more and more people seeking to outsource their extra commitments, and I have successfully found a niche where she can either assist people onsite or virtually with each client being able to remain the forefront of their business and also have that work/life balance everyone is seeking to achieve.  Businesses can have the benefit of first class administrative and personal service at an economy cost.  Without the needs to employ someone permanently (full time or part time), individuals and SMEs can have the best of both worlds – great backup for their business and a saving in expenditure at the same time.

I offer Virtual Assistance at either £35/hour (no VAT) or a Pay per Block basis as follows:

Package 1 : 5 hours per month (£167.00)
Package 2 : 10 hours per month (£347.00)
Package 3 : 20 hours per month (£697.00)

Please contact me if you would like to find out more or to book a session / Package.


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