Workshops are a great way to obtain information about essentials in your business in a non pressured way. I love to bring together a group of people who are wanting to learn the same aspect of their business in an interactive 2 hour session.

I am currently working on workshops to recommence in September 2016 for self-employed, micro-businesses and small business owners, so if you are interested in finding out more, please let me know.

The type of workshops I hold are:

– Time Management (linked to stress management)
– Facebook (getting started through to Advanced)
– LinkedIn (creating something new through to Advanced)
– Twitter (understanding how it works through to full engagement)
– Newsletters (how will this help your business)
– Blogging (no need to be afraid to blog – find out how)
– Structure & Systems (how to get started and keep going)
– WordPress (how do I find my way around WordPress)

In addition to this, if you are a business with a small team who would love to learn a business essential, I am happy to come to you and help you in the comfort of your own office.

Each workshop runs for 2 hours. This 2 hours is interactive and there is also a short 10 minute break in the middle of the 2 hours to enable you to get up and walk around, mingle and get a refreshment.

If this sounds something you need either for yourself or for your business, then please let me know.