Is your business established but no longer growing as much as you’d like?
Are the wheels spinning and you don’t seem to be going anywhere?


This is a problem many businesses face, particularly those with between 10-50 employees.


So How Do You Reach The Next Level And Increase Profit?

All the answers to that question are already there, right inside your business. But you may lack the time or know-how to work out exactly what’s slowing things down.


My experience shows me that the same issues rear their heads again and again…


Could Any Of These Be Causing Your Business To Stall?

  • Not enough systems are in place and processes are too slow
  • Staff are unhappy and make ongoing errors; individual departments create their own procedures, leading to inconsistencies
  • Marketing is not working effectively enough to ensure growth
  • A lack of database means client follow-up is poor
  • Staff lack time to fulfill all their duties

You Need The Ultimate Business Kick-start!
It’s called the RAR process – I Review, Analyse and provide Recommendations on and for your company.


REVIEW: Who’s Who And What’s What?

I start by interviewing staff or department heads and looking closely at every system and process the company currently has in place.

This process is profitable for your business because it leads to an analysis, which shows up any inefficiencies and areas where things are not working in sync.


ANALYSE: What’s Holding My Business Back?

After Review, I analyse my findings to identify any key failings in your business.

This could be something as simple as each staff member not having their own email address, so they can’t interact easily with clients. Or perhaps you have five departments, each run with different management styles, none of which are consistent with the company’s vision or expected outcomes.

Whatever’s causing your business to stall, my analysis will track it down.


RECOMMENDATION: How Can I Grow My Business?

Now I create customized recommendations for your business, based entirely on my findings during the Review and Analysis process.

For example, your staff may benefit from taking certain training courses, or you may need to implement new systems and processes to ensure the company gives out a consistent message.


Give me a call on 07914 170411 and let’s discuss how I can help you move forward to greater growth, happier staff and a transformed bottom line!

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