I love researching and continuing to educate myself to help not only my own business, but my clients’ businesses as well, so here is a list of my A-Z of Social Media / Marketing apps you should look at for your business.

There are endless new apps, platforms and programs being launched all of the time, so this list is a snapshot of what is available.  You may not use them all and some do incur small charges, but they are all worthwhile clicking through to see how and if you can utilise them in your own business.

So, here we go!

A – AddThis is code which you add to your website to allow visitors and users to bookmark and share content from your site.

B – Buffer a great tool for scheduling posts and items to share.

C – Canva is a wonderful online tool which has templates ready for you to use on your social media.

D – Delicious is a social bookmarking website where you can store and share bookmarks increasing your audience reach.

E – Easelly is a product which makes creating infographics simple.

F – Feedly where you can create and customise news feeds on your interests and that of your business.

G – Google My Business – a tool not used as much as it should and could be.  Read more about how to use this tool here.

H – Hootsuite is a scheduling tool which you can use free for two platforms but need to pay if more than two.

I – Instagram Stories – create mini videos or upload photos to share for just 24 hours.

J – JournalMap provides a unique new way of uncovering relevant research using study location data and environmental attributes.

K – Keyhole is a tracking tool for hashtags and measures keywords on Twitter and Instagram.

L – Later is an Instagram post scheduling App.

M – Mention helps you monitor your brand across the web and social media.

O – Ow.ly is a site allows you to shorten long website addresses for tidier, shortened post lengths.

P – Pexels offers free beautiful stock images.

Q – Quora is a forum or a question and answer website.  A useful way to get your expertise across to others.

R – Reddit is the website to share your articles and blog posts which can drive traffic back to your site.

S – Social Media main platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest : you do not need to be on all platforms but you need to know how to use each one effectively.

T – Typeform helps you create forms and quizzes easily for your business.

U – Utterz lets you create and follow discussions with friends or people with similar interests.

V – Vimeo is a similar platform to YouTube and can be used to store, share and upload video content.

W –  Windowed is your desktop solution to creating and uploading new Instagram posts without having to save to your phone / ipad.

X – XING is a platform for business networking, something each business owner needs.

Y – YouTube, although obvious to most of us when we think of others sharing content, this is a wonderful source of new followers for your business, and possible clients, when you upload or Go Live on YouTube with tips and information to help others.

Z – Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research.

Although I have used most of the above platforms / applications, I have not utilised all of these platforms but know of people who have.  I am not an affiliate of any of the above and therefore I am just sharing to assist you in your business.

if you would love to know more or I can help you learn how to use any of the above for your own business, please message me today and let us set up a training session (in person or via Skype).  I can also help you with workshops for groups of like-minded business owners.

I love empowering you, the small business owner, to keep learning something new, grow your business and transform how you feel every day.

I look forward to helping you in your business today.

© Hazel Theocharous, Learn Grow Transform

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