I don’t know about you in your business, but towards the end of the deadline date of becoming GDPR compliant, everyone around me was becoming extremely stressed and finding it more and more difficult to concentrate on their actual business.

I was working with clients not only helping them prepare their GDPR Policies but also helping them in turn put their systems in place so that they had a business flow.  In addition to this, I was helping business owners stop their stress by helping them sort through their database mailing lists and marketing.

All of the time I advised them that even if they did not have everything completely in place by the deadline, they could easily show that they had processes in place to complete their GDPR compliance.

So, are you less stressed now about your business being GDPR compliant?

By clicking here, you can see an article which I have contributed to which provides some more insight into the “The ultimate recipe for GDPR compliance… by Chris Leppard, head of advisory, CNS Group.

Taking my quote from the abovementioned article:

“GDPR to all businesses means a way to ensure that a business has systems and procedures in place to handle their client data.” advises Hazel Theocharous of LearnGrowTransform while also suggesting that  “On a personal level I tell business owners they would want to know that their personal data is secured, likewise their clients expect that when they divulge their data it will be kept secure.”

As long as you can show that you have provided for a system and security of the data you hold for your clients, then you are complying with the GDPR policy.

Questions to ask yourself now

Have you ensured that you are not adding personal data to a mailing list without express consent from a client or potential client?

If you have physical paperwork for a client, is it securely locked away?  Who has access to this?

Are all digital files password protected?

If you are digitally archiving information on an external hard drive, is it encrypted and/or password protected?  Who has access to this?

If you have staff, have you ensured that they have been adequately trained on how to use and protect your clients’ data?

Do you have a plan for handling Subject Access Requests from your clients?

There are many many more questions, but if you have answered these, then you should be feeling less stressed than before the GDPR deadline.

Still need help, or need help setting up your business systems?

That is what I can do for you – whether you are a home based business or a large corporate, I can assist you with this.

© Hazel Theocharous, Learn Grow Transform


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