Oh no, another marketing platform!  Should you be on Google My Business?

Quite simply – ‘yes’ as it is a great tool for you in your business.

It can be very difficult to stay on top of every area of your business, without adding another element or platform to learn and work with, but there are some great reasons to find out more about Google My Business and here are just a few.


We all should know how important it is to our business to have great reviews showing, not only on our websites and social media but when someone is seeking a service or product you offer, imagine having someone see you have 5 star reviews and not only that, but information about how your business has helped someone else.


This is the area where you can upload your details, hours of work, your location, phone number, website and more.  Complete this as fully as possible to ensure that if someone searches for your business or for your services/products, the searcher can easily locate you to find out and possible order or book your business.

Google Posts

You can add short 100-300 word posts with an image, which is a great way to showcase your products / services which will show up if someone searches for your product / services.  Imagine if you were searching for someone or something to assist you and you had to choose between a business who clearly knew their market and offered greater instant information as opposed to someone who just had a plain listing – which one would you choose?

Google Website

Yes, you can have a website through Google My Business too.  I have set up one which will assist with SEO and help my business move up the search list when someone is searching for my business.  I can link it to my main website but also have my posts, photos and information showing up on this business website too.

Google Search

So if you use the above tips and make your Google My Business work for you, this could what your listing would look like should someone be searching for your services / products.  Imagine how you could make your business stand out against your competitors when they search on Google!

If you need help getting started with Google My Business or any other social media platform to move your business forward, now is the time to book a Training Session with me.  What is holding you back?

© Hazel Theocharous, Learn Grow Transform

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