So do you use Instagram?

Instagram is a great tool for your business and can help grow your business especially if you are a business which can provide ongoing image examples of what you offer and the work you have carried out.  You know, even if you are a service based business, you can use video, word clouds and text images to showcase your service.

So what are some of the Instagram tips for your business you can use on a daily basis?


Did you know that you can create Instagram posts using your Desktop?  You can, and it is easy…  How?  Well you can download a great program called Windowed. It is a great tool which allows you to use images you have created or uploaded to your Desktop but do not have easy access to on your mobile, tablet or iPad…. I have used this and it is a wonderful way to ensure you get to use all of your business images through the Instagram platform.


This is a great tool – do you use the InstaStories?  It is a great way to showcase more of what you do.  You can use images and videos and Instagram is now rolling out a new feature in Stories which is Type.  This will enable Instagram users to just add text to stories instead of the ongoing need to use images and video to advertise their business day.


We all have our favourite filters so why do you want to scroll through all of the Instagram filters available?  Well, you don’t need to.  When you choose your photo, swipe right to the end of all filters and then tap ‘Manage’.  You can then drag and drop and choose active filters.  A great little tool…

What’s LUX?

This feature in Instagram allows you to balance any uneven exposures, you can change backgrounds from light to dark.  How do you access? You can find this feature above photo preview and tap the sun icon.


Yes, this is Instagram answer to Re-Tweets on the Twitter platform and Repins on Pinterest.  But unlike Twitter and Pinterest, you can not just regram within the Instagram program.  You need to use an external app to do this.  Three of the Apps you can use are: Sprout Social, Websta or Repost for Instagram.  If you do re-post a photo or content, then always tag the person or business who owns the content.

Use Location

We may not think that this feature is beneficial to us in our businesses, especially if we work from home for example.  However, a post will definitely receive a greater engagement if you add one or more locations to your post.  For example if your service works across 3-4 locations, then add these locations as your post will populate and will encourage more people to follow and connect with you.

Are you using these and/or other Instagram features which you have found beneficial to your business?  There are many others, but these are a great start if you are new to Instagram.

I run Instagram one on one bespoke training and have upcoming workshops.  If interested, please contact me.

© Hazel Theocharous, Learn Grow Transform

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