I’m in the TOP 100 Small Business Experts!

I am so excited to be a part of the Top 100 Small Business Experts list created by For the past 10 years or more, I have loved working for and in my own small business.  There is so much for small business owners to contribute and also to learn – the scope is […]


Stop using your Personal Facebook page for business!

Do you have a Facebook page which is actually your personal page?  Then you need to ensure that you create a Business Page now. The rules of Facebook are that you are not allowed to use your Facebook personal page for business purposes.  They are clamping down on businesses who have done this, even if […]


LinkedIn for small business – what must you include!

LinkedIn can appear too hard to even contemplate starting as a social media channel, but it is an important tool for you in your small business! Why, I hear you ask.  Well, firstly it acts as your online CV and it allows you to connect and network with business owners (large and small) in a […]


Small Business Owners – why you should blog!

As a small business owner myself, I used to wonder why I should start creating blog posts.  So, I completely understand why you may be thinking the exact same thing. I recently did a Google search to see if someone had written a blog post about ‘why a blog post for small business was so […]


Learn routine from our children!

We all need a routine in our business.  Sounds simple? Well it can be very easy to create and stick to a routine once you have a timetable in place.  That’s what our children use when they are at school.  Whether it a primary school student who follows exactly what their teacher writes on the […]

using hashtag

# Hashtags – What are they and should I use them?

The term hashtag came about in 2007 when the word was introduced by Stowe Boyd and commenced being used on Twitter in the same year.  However, it wasn’t until about 2009 that # Hashtag really started to take off and be adopted by the greater audience and being picked up on Google and throughout Twitter. […]


A-Z helping your business run more smoothly

Here are my top A-Z tips to help your business start running smoothly and more efficiently. I have gained my knowledge on this from the many years experience I have had not only looking after my own business but helping other businesses across the globe. So here we go… A – Ask for help instead […]

good team

Happy staff & business growth!

Case Study! I assisted an Accountancy firm consisting of the owner and 5 staff. The staff were not happy and the owner did not know what the problem was and how it could be dealt with. After an interview process with each staff member, there was a common underlying theme, which was that the owner […]


How I advised a $6 million dollar business!

I was approached to assist an air-conditioning company to analyse their business and offer suggestions on just how they could increase their productivity and their profits! It wasn’t until I started speaking with the General Manager that I realised that this company already had a profitable turnover of over $6 million… However, I created a […]


Training to help you feel empowered

Which one of the below images looks like you in your business? I hope it is the feeling of being Empowered! Are you a Small Business owner who is continually feeling frustrated or powerless to get on top of the tools in your business which may help you grow? Yes, you can sit there and […]