When you look at your Facebook page, can you see your pinned post first, or are you currently seeing Events, Videos, Photos and more?

Are you making the most of the images you post on your page?

I would suggest that most small business owners do not know that a lot of fantastic features exist, but below are three which will help you get started.


Pinned Post

Do you pin your top post each time so that it stays at the top of your page?

This will ensure that if you have some valuable information to share, and who doesn’t!, that it will stay at the top of your page posts until you repin another post at the top.

This works well if you are sending people back to your page to comment on a question or to a specific post.

It will always be at the top and easy to find.


Add Services

Your business has a number of services or products, but are you telling people about these?

This is another geat tool which is unusually unused by small business owners, but a great showcase for you to advertise all in place what you offer.

So this is time to think about the services you offer and then add them to your Facebook page.

I know you will have added information to the Long Description on your About Us section, but this is a great tool which allows more information to be provided and a quick tool for someone who may be looking for a service you offer.

So what service do you offer?

Get ready to add them to your Facebook page today.

Tell people what you do!




Manage your Tabs

Do you want viewers of your page to see your events above your video?

Of would you like them to have quick access to your YouTube channel first?

You can change the Template layout of your page and move your Tabs around to suit what you feel is the most relevant to your business and what you want your clients to see

You can also add new tabs – such as allowing people to find your Twitter account, follow you on LinkedIn and more.



Do you need help to get on top of your Facebook and start engagement and interaction with your potential and current clients?

If so, please contact me so that I can get your Facebook working for you.

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