You can create ‘How To’, Educational or Inspirational Videos

Video is such an important part of your business and everyone can use it!  Yes, even if you do not feel confident or comfortable in front of the camera.

You can now utilise all of your social media platforms and online marketing to showcase you and your business without leaving the comfort of your own home or office.  People can instantly find out more about you and the person behind the products or services you offer just by one short video.


Well, we all know that YouTube is the place to upload your video.  Well we know that others upload anything and everything from personal to business.  But you can too.  For example, the video above I did on my phone this morning and uploaded directly to my YouTube channel.  Do you know you can do this as well?  Firstly you will need to create a YouTube channel – easy especially when you have a gmail account.


You can upload videos to your Facebook pages, but you can also now be LIVE on Facebook.  Yes, you can stream live on your personal page, but also on your own business page.  In fact, you can even stream live within a group that you have joined (if it is in line with the Admin Notes on the group page).  Why not let people know a success you have had in your business, or ask a question to gain more following on your page.  The ideas are endless, but you need to start somewhere.  Why not just simply record a video asking a question about one of your products or services?


If you are on Twitter – do you use the video tool?  Did you even know it existed?   Not many people do, but it is a good tool for you and your business.  You can upload your own video from YouTube, directly from your phone, computer or iPad/tablet or you can Livestream.  Twitter works with Periscope to allow you stream live to your current followers or new followers by using hashtags in your introduction.


Instagram is a very popular platform for business owners now as they realise that they can gain a large following by the use of hashtags and new followers.  You can now record up to a 60 second video on Instagram which may relate to a product you have just launched, possibly a new service you have added or just to keep your followers (old, new and potential) informed about what you are doing…


Although there is currently no live video streaming on LinkedIn, you can upload video to your own profile which will add credibility to your business cv and what you offer.  You can also take a URL from YouTube, Vimeo or others and add to your status update, attach and share.


Sending out a newsletter this week?  Why not add some video content.  I know when I receive a newsletter which has video content I am more inclined to watch the entire video and then will read the rest of the content in the newsletter.  It is engaging and something different to the normal standard ‘wordy’ newsletters we all receive.  Why don’t you stand out and be different too?

Blog posts

Just as with this blog post, why not add video.  It doesn’t even have to be your video – if it is relevant to your blog post, why not embed a YouTube video into your post.  Every video and blog post – tagged correctly with keywords will only help you with your SEO for your business.  Remember, you can just ask a 30 second question in a short video, upload to YouTube and embed into your blog post.  You will come across being extremely approachable and knowledgeable in your area of expertise.

Your website

Yes – your website.  Do you have a video on your website?  Something to introduce people to who you are and what services or products you offer.  One great way is to have someone interview you about your business and what you offer.  Then you are not in the video on your own but the video is about you and shows you – the person behind the business!


These are just a few of the platforms to use video.  Remember Video not only shows people that you are real but it allows your clients and/or potential clients to see that you are an expert in your field and will feel more comfortable contacting you or referring others to you and your business.

One last thing – if you do feel that you really cannot stand being in front of the camera, you can use tools such as Screen-O-Matic or Camtasia where you can record something on your computer and just record your voice in the background providing instructions – such as ‘How To’ videos.  Or just record a quick question for your blog posts or social media.  You will be surprised how quickly you will start to feel more comfortable in front of a camera.

It can be difficult to get started and if you feel that you need help with any of the above social media platforms and getting in control of creating your very own videos and sharing, then please let me know.  I would love to help you learn something new, which in turn will grow your business and transform you.

Warm wishes
Hazel Theocharous
Learn Grow Transform

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