On International Women’s Day I was included in a wonderful post written by Rosie Walsh.  Rosie brought together another 19 wonderful women in marketing who have great stories and their stories can be read here: http://musingsandmarketing.com/2018/03/08/what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-woman-in-marketing/

Here is my Excerpt:

Hazel Theocharous – Founder – Learn Grow Transform

An enthusiastic Aussie multi-tasker who swapped down under for the UK in 2013.   I’m also a Mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend. My two boys are my pride and joy, so I’ve created my business around them and their needs. And I understand what many of you have to balance with your working life.

“I love marketing and I love working with businesses to help them move their business forward using marketing.  I remember when I worked with a small business we used to send multiple email newsletters via ordinary email as BCC.  WOW – that was a while ago now… things have moved on and businesses must move on too.  I used to do social media virtual assistance for 7 years in Australia and now I work with business owners (small to medium sized businesses) helping them strategise their marketing (social media, blogging, newsletters, website) and training them how to use the best platform for them.  It is a completely empowering experience to see other business owners learning something new and then utilising what they have learnt to keep moving forward.”

Marketing is such an important and ongoing requirement for all businesses – home based, small, medium and large businesses all need to continue to market their business.

There are so many ways to market your business and not everything works well for every business.  So what can you do?


Not only social media but blogging, website, newsletters and even use of Messenger and WhatsApp etc..  There is so many platforms and some businesses, especially the smallest or home based business owners cannot possibly do everything.  Medium and Big business usually have their own marketing teams with specific staff handling the individual elements of marketing.  What do you use in your business?  What online strategies have worked for you?


Family and friends, previous colleagues and current clients are generally the best marketing you can ever have for your business.  Do they know what you do?  Have you asked for references and feedback from current clients?  If someone you already trust knows what you do, it can be the easiest and best referral for new business.  Have you told all of your friends and family?  Do they know someone who could use your business?


Do you network?  There are so many networking companies to join.  But don’t expect networking to work immediately.  You need to build a trust and a rapore with your networking colleagues.  Have 121s with people you meet – find out about their businesses too.  How can you help them?  Have an elevator pitch ready to really tells people what you do and what you offer (and what you are looking for).


Leaflet drops can work, but not for everyone!  Also doing a personal leaflet drop so that people will put a face to a name can actually work, but that is something you need to schedule into your business week.  Be strategic.  Do your research as far as areas to market to and if you are looking to use an actual leaflet service in terms of distribution – make sure you look at every aspect before employing them.  Have you successfully used leaflet drops?

What marketing have you successfully used?  Do you have a great marketing story to share?

Contact me if you would like to organise your Marketing Plan, Marketing Strategy or understand your social media.

© Hazel Theocharous, Learn Grow Transform



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