Business Every Day Training

Business – Every Day training.

What is this?  Well there are certain elements of your business which become a daily need or task for your business.  The necessities to run your business daily (which do not relate to marketing!).

I offer either one on one training on the following, or I can come to your office / school and train your staff:


  • MS Word.  This can be training on setting up templates for your business, or I can show you how to utilise shortcuts and utilise all aspects of this program which is used on a daily basis.


  • MS Excel.   I can provide Beginner or Advanced training on Excel.  So whether you would like to know just how to set up basic tables with some basic functioning, this would be a Beginner training session.  But if you would like to learn how to use more of the intricate functions of Excel including formulas etc then this would be an Advanced session.  What do you want to learn?


  • PowerPoint.   At some point in your business, you may need to provide a slideshow which showcases what your business can offer others.  I can assist you create an outstanding presentation incorporating not only different templates but also music, slide ins and outs and more.  Please let me know if you are struggling to set up your PowerPoint presentation.


  • Email Management.  Are you at a point in your business, where you feel that emails are taking over and you don’t have enough time in your day to check everything?  This is the time you need a training session to get you set up and less stressed, in line with your business.


I am available to assist you on a one on one basis at a cost of £150.00 per 2 hour training session (no VAT applicable).  I can assist in person or via Skype / Zoom.  If you are within a 3 mile radius of London N2, there is no travel cost.  Outside of this radius, there is a travel charge of £25.00 which is an additional charge.

If you are a corporate entity and would be interested in me providing training to your staff, please contact me.

I look forward to helping you with your Every Day Business needs.

Hazel, Learn Grow Transform

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