Social Media Training

Social Media Training is available to everyone.  Whether you are working alone from home, or you have a need for someone to train your staff in a large organisation.

So what can I help you learn?

Firstly, I offer an initial training session which will go through your business and find out what are the best platforms for your business to be using.  Sometimes you can be in overwhelm (especially if you are a small business owner) and feel that you need to be on every single platform that exists.  This is not the case.  So, please do not stress yourself.

Our initial training session will help you better understand our business and we can work through a marketing plan which will look at the right platform/for you.  It may be that if you are a business whose clientele is, for example, a busy mum then Facebook would be the best platform to start with.  However, if you are a business whose clientele is a corporate event organiser, then the initial platform to start with would be LinkedIn.

Apart from providing training for you on Marketing Analysis and Marketing Plans, below I outline the social media platforms I provide training sessions on:

  • Facebook – Beginner (Create your Business Facebook page which includes set up of profile, services, images and how to interact effectively).
  • Facebook – Advanced (Create more engagement, creating Facebook adverts, using Facebook Live and more).


  • LinkedIn – Beginner (Create your personal profile and start connecting).
  • LinkedIn – Advanced (Create your business company, using groups for interaction, video, using the job applications process etc).


  • Twitter – Beginner (Getting your profile started, choosing the right images, how to connect, using hashtags)
  • Twitter – Advanced (Creating adverts, ensuring more engagement, Video, more effective use of hashtags, your own Q&A etc).


  • Instagram – Beginner (Getting started, what to put on your profile, starting connections)
  • Instagram – Advanced (Advertising on Instagram, using the search functionality, creating more engagement).


  • YouTube – Get started, set up your profile, how to upload video, grow subscribers
  • Google – get your business on Google My Business, be on page one
  • Pinterest – put your business on Pinterest, create your profile, grow your boards and gain interest and following
  • Use Video including use of Boomerang, Vimeo and more.


One on one training sessions are £150.00 for a 2 hour session.  If you would like to book 4 one on one sessions or more, I can provide a 5% discount.  I can attend your premises within a 3 mile radius of London N2.  I can also attend your premises outside of this 3 mile radius but charge £25 travel on top of my session.  I can also arrange training via Skype or Zoom (should you prefer this training).  I have provided training to people in Australia, USA and Canada via Skype and Zoom.  No VAT is applicable.

Group training sessions are based on number of attendees.  To book, please contact me directly to find out more about my pricing.

I look forward to helping you on the road to greater business growth and feeling more empowered with the use of social media in your business.

Hazel, Learn Grow Transform

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