Your Other Marketing Training


There is other Marketing for your business which I can help you with.  So what is this?

Social Media is one aspect, but there are other aspects of marketing which will help your business and which you should use.  I offer training on the following which I feel are also a very essential must for your business.

  • Starting your Blog – what you can write about, how to set out your blog, what to include, layouts and more.
  • Writing your Blog – I can help you set up bullet points for what to cover in a blog post and either proofread over for you, or write the blog posts for you.
  • Guest Blogging and making money from your blog – do you wish you could make money from your blog?  A training session will cover this.


  • WordPress – if you just want someone to help you navigate around your site, add items to a menu, change grammar, add plugins etc.
  • WordPress Website – through a series of 5 sessions, I can assist you to create your very own basic website.


  • Mailchimp Beginner – setup your Mailchimp account, create a new template, understand uploads of images and how to layout your newsletter.
  • Malichimp Advanced – create Automation emails, link to Facebook and other Apps, understand reports and make the most out of Mailchimp.


  • SEO / Keywords – do you have the right Keywords and SEO working for you in your business?  Do you even know what these words mean?


So there are many more aspects to Marketing than just Social Media, is your marketing covered?  In addition to the above, I work with some great BRANDING and PR agencies who would be able to assist you with your logos, fonts, colours and more.

My sessions, if one on one, are £150.00 per 2 hour session (no VAT applicable).  I can also work with your staff in a larger organisation.  Please contact me for more information on the costs associated with this.

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