I am so excited to be a part of the Top 100 Small Business Experts list created by EvanCarmichael.com.

For the past 10 years or more, I have loved working for and in my own small business.  There is so much for small business owners to contribute and also to learn – the scope is endless.  This is why I love the fact that I have created my own radio program ‘The Small Business Show’ which will be back live on air in July via SW1 Radio every Monday between 10-1pm.

Every time I meet someone in small business, I feel an instant affinity with them and I am ready to help them with their issues and problems to help them move forward.

Through many years as a Virtual Assistant I worked with business owners (large and small) but I felt that the businesses which benefitted the most from my service were the small and home based business owners who were in overwhelm or who felt that there is no help out there for them.

For the past  two years I have successfully setup my current business, Learn Grow Transform which helps small business owners Learn something new, Grow their business and Transform themselves.  Through one on one training sessions, I work with small and home based business owners learn something they have either been fearing or just need to know but don’t know where to go.  I am told that I am patient and my training is efficient and exactly what the individual business owner is seeking.

More recently I have been asked to work with slightly larger businesses who are seeking in-house training for members of staff and I love this aspect of my job as well.  The empowerment that I give business and their staff, makes me walk away smiling and them walk away feeling empowered… What more could a small business owner want to feel?

So, whenever you may feel that you are not receiving any recognition for what you do and continue to do, then the word I have for you is Persevere.  To get acknowledgement of your services and what you offer, means you need to be consistent, be honest, be informative and most of all be a business owner, be YOU.

If you would love to know more about my in-house training, my one on one training or my Small Business Show, please feel free to email me to find out more, or click on one of the links above.

Hope you can follow me on @LGTtraining on Twitter and @Learn Grow Transform on Facebook.

I look forward to hearing your comments below about how you have persevered and received recognition.

Warm wishes


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