School Holidays – Top Tips to keeping motivated!

It happens to all of us – yes school holidays come around again and again and when you own your business it can be very distracting and even unmotivating to get anything done in your business! I am a mum of two boys (14 and 7) and my youngest in particular wants to play football […]


Talking Time – Top 5 Tips!

We talk about it all the time – but stop talking time and take time out! It is absolutely OK to say to yourself, I need to take a 5 minute break from my desk and my business. There are people who I know stick to an absolutely strict timetable where very minute of the […]


Learn Grow Transform is my new brand

  I am excited that I am re-branding from Small Business Trainer to Learn Grow Transform with my tagline Essential Training for Small Business, because I feel it is exactly what I offer and what I do. You know sometimes you need to step back in your business and think about: (1) what you want […]

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