I would like you to imagine just for 30 seconds the #1 fear you have in your business right now.


It could be starting a new Facebook page or Twitter account or understanding Pinterest.

It could be that you do not understand how to navigate your WordPress site or get your newsletter started.

Do you have that in your mind?


F – Facing the unknown

E – Educate and learn

A – Ask for help

R – Respond to your problems

Now, for the next 30 seconds, please imagine feeling empowered and ready to:

* start your new blog;

* send out your first newsletter;

* add value to your Facebook page;

* understand your computer; and / or

* how to change a word on your website text.

How do you feel now? Empowered! Focussed!


If you would love to feel this way, please contact me to arrange your personalised training and please visit my Facebook page @Learn Grow Transform.

© Hazel Theocharous

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