Marketing – so much to learn


You should always remember that Social Media makes up part of your Marketing, but not everything.

You need to know your business and who your target market is before you can expect to start on your marketing.  So that is #1…

Then comes your Marketing Plan and in that you start thinking about the right Social Media for you.

Do you find that you are overcome by all of the Social Media platforms you can be a member of?

I have realised that this is a common underlying problem for small business owners.

So, I have created a number of Marketing and Social Media training sessions which may suit you.



1. Demystify your Marketing!

This package helps demystify the subject of Marketing for your business.  Each and every business owner feels that they have to be everywhere and be everything to everyone.  However that only leads to overload and is not something which ultimately will assist your business, in fact may only hinder it.

2. Marketing Facilitation!

Once you have a more accurate knowledge of your business, who your market is and how you can utilise tools for growth, then you need to ensure that you use these to help facilitate growth in your business.  Again it can be quite daunting for a business owner to try and be in charge of the entire marketing of their businesses.  Some marketing can be automated or once you have a knowledge of how to utilise your marketing, you can outsource some or all of the elements to a professional in that field.

3. Market your Success!

Marketing and re-defining your needs does not stop.  Why?  Because your target market can change, marketing channels can change with new ones coming on board all the time.  As a small business owner you can feel continually challenged by the stress of competition and how to handle your marketing.  It can be difficult to ensure that you have continual engagement with your current clients, your past and potential clients.  You need to understand how to reinvest what you have learnt and continue to use the information gained.





Creating a Facebook business page and how to build your page

Understanding YOUR Facebook page and all aspects of it




What is Twitter and how do I get started

How do I use Twitter in my business including using # hashtag, Retweets and more




How do I get started with LinkedIn?

Improving your LinkedIn




What is Pinterest and how do I get started?

How do I keep my Pinterest account engaging



Getting started with Google+

How to use Google Hangouts for your business



youtube YOUTUBE

Creating your YouTube Channel

Create your first Video for your business



social media

How to use Hootsuite or Buffer for your business



How to set up a new campaign
How to use Mailchimp and the benefits


Plus training can be on: Updating your WordPress site, Instagram and more….  All you have to do is ask.

Do you think that any of these training sessions can help you in your business?

To learn how to use one or more of the social media platforms effectively and understand exactly how to make marketing and the chosen platform work for your business, think of what you may be thinking of doing and then contact me to find out about each individual way that I can help you.


If you would like to know more – please feel free to EMAIL ME or phone number – 07914 170 411.

I look forward to making your Marketing work for you and your use of Social Media a reality.

Warm wishes