It is always important to remember that you have expertise in areas that others do not. It can sometimes feel that you should know everything – but NO ONE can KNOW EVERYTHING!

You can easily sell yourself if you are confident in your own abilities and what you can teach others. Everything else you should turn and ask an expert to train or help you understand.


Example 1

If you want to learn how to create a beautiful hand tie bouquet of flowers – would you go to a hairdresser? Of course not, you would go to a florist who is excited to teach you all she/he knows. Find out more about available workshops from Emma Sousa Flowers. I can highly recommend her workshops as I have done one myself. Please let Emma know how you heard about her workshops.


Example 2

Would you go to a physio if you were stressed about your business or your personal life? Not a good move because although a physio is obviously going to be able to help you after an injury, they would not be able to help your stress relief! Whereas finding someone who could help you and also ensure that you do not end up putting additional stress on your heart, would help you maintain a calm and happy lifestyle. Someone like Jo from Your Healthy Heart would be the person who could help you, and I highly recommend her.


Example 3

You would like someone to assist you to have natural photographs of you and your family taken, would you go to a graphic designer? No, you would try and search high and low for the right person to take the photos of you enjoying yourselves and being happy in a natural environment… This can be tricky too – but Emma Ziff is one photographer who I highly recommend.


So, no matter what industry you are in, you need to remember that you have an expertise that someone else is seeking. Never feel that you need to know everything. You don’t – just be yourself and know your limitations, BUT advertise what you can help others accomplish based on your knowledge and expertise.

Think today about what you can offer someone else.

Think today about what you need to ask help for in your business or your life.

Remember you have something important to offer and others have something important to impart to you.

In this life, whether personal or business, working together is so much more beneficial than working apart.

Warm wishes
Hazel, your Small Business Trainer

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